Setting Marketing Objectives

Make Your Objectives Relevant to Your Business
At AsOne, not only do we invest time upfront with our clients to scope out their vision and goals, we also work with them to ensure they are looking at the right marketing objectives for the precise nuances of their campaign.
It is so important that the objectives are relevant to your business and the marketing channels you are using.
For instance, objectives related to PPC will be very different to those related to SEO or content marketing and the time scales will also vary greatly. Where a PPC or Google Remarketing campaign might focus on optimising the cost per click while maximising the total number of clicks, a content marketing campaign might focus on the average page rank of specified keywords, or the total number of pages ranked in Google.
Be S.M.A.R.T about Objective Setting
Remember, the best marketing objectives are SMART:
  • Specific – Objectives should be tightly related to a specific outcome or deliverable. What is it exactly that you would like to achieve as a result of your marketing efforts? Do you want to improve your average time on page, your conversion rate, or your number of email signups? And how much do you want to improve by?
  • Measurable – If objectives aren’t easily measured it is very difficult to track how well you’re performing. Thankfully most elements of digital marketing can be easily tracked and analysed, allowing you to see exactly how far you’ve come and how close you are to achieving your objectives.
  • Agreed upon – All stakeholders must understandand agree that the defined objectives are the right ones for the business. Do you have all the right people bought into what you are trying to achieve and are they willing to commit the necessary time and resource to make it happen?
  • Realistic – With our depth of experience we will be able to tell you how realistic your marketing objectives are. While we aspire to big visions and goals, it is important that the objectives are realistic within the time and investment constraints.
  • Time-based– It is no good leaving objectives open-ended. Having a clear timeframe helps to create the sense of urgency required to achieve great things. It also enables us to have regular review points to assess what is working and what isn’t.  
Analyse and Optimise
A well-defined set of marketing objectives is really only half the battle. It is also vitally important that you are properly set up with the right tools to monitor and track your results.
Platforms such as Google Analytics, Search Console, or Adobe Omniture will empower you to understand the impact of your marketing decisions in a far more quantitative manner.
AsOne will help to ensure that these are set up and configured properly, and will invest the time with you to help make sense of the numbers.
Armed with this data, you can then evolve your campaigns over time to ensure that you stay on track to hit your objectives in the quickest time possible.

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