Checklist - spend an hour or so going through this...

Print this out or copy into your own blog. Tick them off as they are completed.

There seems to be a slacking of work and a reduction of concentration.

Here is a reminder (after the video) of what you should be doing/completing.

1. Daily posts in your blog. (For Business Studies students you should be visiting sites and assessing businesses. For Economics students I have given you daily questions - I have seen no answers.) You are supposed to list everyone else's blogs on your blog so you can all keep in contact, help one another etc. (Rinat has three females looking after him, for example.)

2. 3 mind maps a day related to the chapters of the book I sent round. (This is for Economics students - not one student has done this so already you are falling behind)

3. Learn how to and then create a PODCAST. (That's for these people - why haven't all of them done it?)

4. Enter the Business competition. Some people did - not many but at least they tried. A big difference in the standard of entries! I am giving you until FRIDAY 4.40pm to hand in entries as some people seem to have forgotten. (That is for everyone.)

5. Book reviews (Economists) Where are the reviews on pigs and sex and drugs and...economics?

6. Finish off the Unit 1 Economics book (Economists)

7. Learn web design (Mary) and Desk Top publishing. How quickly you have forgotten

8. Checking out links: and practising! The pathetic attempts a few hours ago where you thought demand was supply and supply was demand and two people even thought a PPF had a price on and the PPF shifted to show demand.....I despair!

9. You were supposed to be doing questions on market failure - but no-one bothered and that's why when asked about it pink people just looked confused.

If you pretend you don't know about externalities then ask the person in this photograph!

10. Business glossary - what happened? Have you forgotten this:

11. It was only voluntary for some Business Studies students - but they could still have done it! You need all the practice you can get!

12. EIGHT Economics students were supposed to be doing this. Did all eight do it - I think not. Take responsibility for the other members in the group!

13. Business Studies students - what has happened? Where is it?

14. More lack of work by Business Studies students - you've missed ICT this week. What's happened? Why didn't you use the spare time?

15. I see you are failing to take advantage of outside opportunities either - student life is not just going from Residence to class to Red Bull shop to Residence. There are other things to do that would help you.

16. You seem to have stopped being interested in University (16th October lecture)

17. So few of you even want to go to the LSE lecture just the six of you

18. Set a week ago for Economists, what happened to Long's entry? Rinat's? COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY. Work to help each other. If you don't then some will be dragged down to such a low level they will think a PPF is a demand curve, that S - S1 is the opposite and that D stands for David and not 'demand'!

19. Some people are studying Philosophy - what happened to putting it into practice?

20. Even though I cover something in a blog and in class, pink people still claim never to have seen things or read them.Read and revise - all the time!

21. 'Do not forget' - but you did!

22. Are the weaker members constantly improving their English? If not then this will hold back others so make sure that everyone practises using this.

23. Business Studies students should be working through these articles.

24. So, no-one interested? That's fine...I suppose.

25. And finally, don't forget this...

(I had hoped by now that at least you would know each other's names!)

And don't forget to watch Youtube!


Remember always to return to this - and that your long term is to rise above this.

If you have any Economics questions ask them here

Christmas is coming - what would make your parents happy?

Maybe this

Meanwhile, everyone should look at and contribute to:

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