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YES! I'd like to be mentored by 29 of the UK's most successful, profitable, creative and innovative self-made millionaire entrepreneurs.

I'd like to trial the highly acclaimed Millionaire MBA Business Mentoring Programme RISK FREE for 60-days and prove to myself the results I can achieve with the guidance and direction of these 29 millionaire mentors.

In just a few minutes from now, you will be able to access the following mentoring modules:

Part 1 of Millionaire MBA - In these first 20 mentoring modules, you will hear from all 29 mentors each day, as they train and develop your own millionaire thinking and decision making.

Part 1 includes: Day 1 Millionaire Mindset , Day 2 Millionaire Difference , Day 3 Motivation , Day 4 Secret of Success , Day 5 Dealing with Failure , Day 6 Habits & Systems , Day 7 Self Belief , Day 8 Risk Taking , Day 9 Fears & Doubts , Day 10 Persistence , Day 11 Communication , Day 12 People & Teams , Day 13 Goals & Focus , Day 14 Stress & Pressure , Day 15 Time Management , Day 16 Networking , Day 17 Leverage, Day 18 Business Heroes , Day 19 Fundamentals , Day 20 Making A Million

Part 2 of Millionaire MBA - In the second 20 days of business mentoring, you will hear from one entrepreneur per day, as you delve deeper into their own story, and hear exactly how they achieved the extraordinary results they have, and more importantly, how you can duplicate their success too.

Part 2 includes: Day 21 Simon Woodroffe , Day 22 Lord Bilimoria , Day 23 Julie Meyer , Day 24 Sir Tom Hunter , Day 25 Ivan Massow , Day 26 Lena Björck , Day 27 Duncan Bannatyne , Day 28 Glenda Stone , Day 29 Mark Marsland , Day 30 Chris Hughes

100 Page Printable Workbook. Get the most from your millionaire mentors with your 100 page printable PDF workbook. The workbook summarises each days learning and offer extra examples and illustrations, as well as setting you a practical daily exercises to make sure you apply the daily lessons back into your personal and business life.

4 Special Feature Sessions. In these four special feature sessions, your mentorship will be taken to a higher level as entrepreneurs Mike Southon, David Taylor, Chris Gorman and Angus Clacher share with you their own proven lessons for building a million pound/dollar business - which you can take away and profitably use today.

RPC Live! (40 minutes) Hear from Richard Parkes Cordock, the course creator, as he shares with you all that he personally learnt from the millionaire mentors when creating Millionaire MBA. This speech was recorded live to a packed audience of over 200 entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs, and you can listen in live, just as if you where there too.

Millionaire Upgrade Audio Book (3.5 hours). Written by course creator, Richard Parkes Cordock, this spoken-word audio book is the perfect introduction and summary to the full business mentoring programme. In Millionaire Upgrade, you'll be reminded of the core principles of Millionaire MBA, but you'll hear them in the memorable, fascinating and addictive story of Tom McMillan and Michael Redford as they journey together on a flight which could change your life forever.

16 Millionaire MBA Ringtones. With these 16 unique ringtones (which you can copy onto your mobile phone), your phone will never be the same again. With each phone call you receive, you can hear a different motivational message direct from your own millionaire mentors, keeping the programme alive and fresh in your mind.

Millionaire Mentality Audio Book (2 hours). This valuable added bonus MP3 audio book examines the inner-thinking of self-made multi-millionaire business owners and compliments the advice, wisdom and mentorship you'll receive from your 29 millionaire mentors.

Online Business Model Review. In the online-business-model-review, you'll peak behind the scenes of each entrepreneurs business as you discover how their own individual business-model works, why their business is repeatable and scalable, and what exactly creates the true value in their companies and brands.

500 Pages of Printable Transcripts. As well as listening to Part 1 of Millionaire MBA, you can also read every word when you download over 500 pages of printable PDF transcripts. This valuable bonus offers another dimension to your learning, and makes Millionaire MBA an essential business building tool for both existing and aspiring entrepreneurs.

100% Money Back Guarantee. Order Millionaire MBA Business Mentoring Programme with total piece of mind. Millionaire MBA comes with a 100% risk-free 60-day no-quibble, money-back guarantee. If for any reason whatsoever you are not totally delighted with the insider, business building advice, mentorship and guidance you receive from your 29 millionaire business mentors, simply let us know within 60 days and you'll receive a full 100% money back refund.

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Download Millionaire Upgrade: Lessons in Success From Those Who Travel at the Sharp End of the Plane -- Right Now for FREE!

Here's your chance to download your own FREE MP3 spoken-word version of the best selling book, Millionaire Upgrade: Lessons in Success From Those Who Travel at the Sharp End of the Plane.

Inspired by the true story of a flight with Sir Richard Branson, Millionaire Upgrade blows the lid off the accepted belief that successful entrepreneurs are a breed apart, possessing some special magic.

Through the combined wisdom of interviews with 50 self-made millionaire entrepreneurs, this book takes you on your own personal master class in success, as experienced through the eyes of Tom, a frustrated employee who is upgraded on a long haul flight, and finds himself sitting next to self made millionaire Michael.

During the flight Michael shares the science and secrets behind his own success.

Better than any inflight movie, Millionaire Upgrade gets you inside the minds of successful entrepreneurs and self-made millionaires giving you the inside track on how they think and act... and how you need to think, act and make decisions too to duplicate their success in your own business.

To get your own MP3 spoken-word version of Millionaire Upgrade at no charge (normally sells for £9.99, and is still a best seller on Amazon), and without any risk or obligation, simply enter your name, email and how you heard about us in the box below.

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Here's just a little of what you'll learn in the book:

  • Why you're currently not achieving the success you desire, and the steps you need to take 'everyday' to dramatically change your fortunes.
  • How to create endless opportunity, and how to see deals that others don't.
  • How to create your own luck and discover how they keep yourself in check to ensure that other people constantly and repeatedly want to do business with you.
  • The number one secret that sets successful self-made millionaire entrepreneurs apart.
  • How to harness the power of your subconscious mind and how through your thoughts and actions you can tap into a universal power.
  • How to succeed where others don't.
  • The the most hidden trait of entrepreneurs and the one which will guarantee your own success if you follow it.
  • The fundamental rule of success that most people refuse to accept or to follow.
  • The 'magic ingredient', the one additional element that you need to become successful.


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