Working late

It is 11.30 and I have just given a mock exam for Jan who writes this blog he is doing the same mock as Mary, David and Dima.

Jan does not have lessons until 9 am tomorrow and so is wide awake and prepared to practice and practice.

His paper will be finished by 1 am (he gets extra time - foreign student) and will be marked and returned to him by 8 am.

The point is, there is nothing to stop YOU downloading past papers from AQA/OCR, doing them and then looking at the marking guidelines. Today with Dima, David and Mary they marked their own mocks (after I had marked them and recorded the marks on a separate piece of paper.) Dima scored exactly the same, Mary's was a little over and David's was also a little over. BUT the point is they learnt more about themselves and the exam by doing it this way.

YOU could do the same, do a mock, mark it yourself (then give it to me for checking, if you like)

Become self-evaluative.


So, if you're awake and reading this - do a mock now!!!

The marks?

Dima got an A.

Mary and David...didn't.

There is still time.......

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