How to prepare to exams. Method from Kirill Berdyshev

Ok let's imagine that you have only one week until exams start.What you will do? *Nothing i now everything, I don't need it*Maybe, if you a genius like me, or you are stupid to understand the importance of preparation.

There are plenty of people who 'know everything' but because of poor exam technique and lack of practise, don't get a grade A.

First of all, you should spend some time to create a timetable with numbers of pages, or numbers of units. If you don't do that and don't follow this graphic you will fail.

You will be less efficient, certainly - but you can still get lucky in the exam.

The second rule: swich off your mobile, Facebook, everything what can connect you with the world and your friends.


Clean the table when you are working this week, make sure that you have enough equipment.


Do a 15 minute break after every hour, 10-15 minutes break and breathing fresh air are good for your brain. Try to eat more fresh food and vegitables.

Yes - up to a point. We all have different concentration skills. When I work I work for maybe 2 hours and then change topic - which counts as a break. In the last Economics lesson it lasted FOUR HOURS and we had NO break - but we did change venues, changed topics, changed activities. The key thing is to be organised.

What else... don't forget about some small things that make you live better, i'm tallking about chocolate and bananas. This two products will make your brain work 17% better as well as hot black tea with sugar.

YES...up to a point. Water rather than tea.

Certainly chocolate and bananas. The problem with tea is you go and make it and maybe you then lose concentration. Why not cans of cold (non-alcoholic) drinks or a bottle of iced water?

One day before the exam forget about book, relax, go to the park. Think about things you like, but NOT ABOUT LOVE!! Go to sleep at 9-10 pm and wake up at 9 am.

I disagree with that. When I did my degree I revised right up until the exam i.e. up to about 15 minutes before it started. I just changed the degree of intensity of revision. Wouldn't you warm up before a race - or would you take a day off in the park?

And just one more - put the book under you pillow)) It's really helpful.

That's an interesting idea.

You know everything, you are the best, repeat it every day and you can change the world, you exam it's just a small barrier in your life, you easily can jump and finish it. like the credit cranch destroyed your business live, you easily can jump and finishing it

Positive thinking backed up by careful revision, different types of revision, testing, mind maps, plenty of past papers, key terms - yes...

Oh yes - practice these skills by WRITING BLOGS.

Is there any reason why you have missed ALL your Accounts classes - maybe those were your 'relaxing' days????

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