An idea to make money

At least one student is going to be advertising his services as a....tutor. Fee- probably £20 an hour or so.

The student is good at Maths and so he will be tutoring Maths to GCSE pupils.

Nothing wrong with that if he works hard, plans, motivates and leads to good results. (And doesn't lie about his qualifications...)

Former pupils of mine have worked full-time, YES, full-time, tutoring Business Studies - without ever having even studied the subject! So I am sure this student will do a good job teaching Maths.

Think about what you could teach. How it would look on UCAS. The money you would earn.

When I started tutoring (before your Grandmother was born) I tutored Economics and yet I hadn't looked at an Economics book since my A level - which was 10 years before! So I had to read, re-read and learn quickly but most importantly to plan.

You could tutor each other, work with each other, learn from each other. Those of you more confident and with good English could even advertise your services....

You could set up discussion groups for Psychology - show UCAS you're innovative, have leadership qualities etc.

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