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I know a group of students who THINK they're business people who after 40 days of arguments, meetings, more arguments, more meetings, ICQ conversations at 3 am, more meetings, more arguments have created....nothing.

Irena Whitfield was born, and lives in Prague, Czech republic. Her grandmother on her mother’s side was English, coming from Devon, England, married in Czech republic and her father’s family was Czech. Since all her life she has been living in both the countries, she is fully bilingual.

She studied in England and Czech republic, and graduated in Mechanical Engineering at Technical University in Prague with a degree of "Engineer", a computer system engineer, specialized in computers and automated manufacturing processes controlled by computers.

Most of her years she has been working in international business - for 15 years, travelled all over the world, working in different countries, for 5 years she worked as a foreign exchange trader, doing business on all the foreign exchange markets through three main London market-makers.

On the Internet, she started in 1992 when she and her business partner had been developing computer programmes and needed to test them with various partners in different countries. The Internet, though extremely slow at that time, was the answer for the programme transfer.

For over 3 years, she has been active as an Internet Business Consultant, started from the scratch, personally researching, testing, participating in everything she recommends to her clients.

Over the years in the business and being an entrepreneur for all her professional life, both offline and online, she gathered so much experience, skills, tricks and routines on top of her technical background that she decided to help netpreneurs to succeed in their online home business business. The foreign exchange trading and years spent in business taught her the right discipline necessary for success in every field.

Irena Whitfield is the author of the bestseller eBook ’7 Stars of Online Success’, and other successful books and articles, contributed to ’Women On Writing’ published online and offline by the National Association of Women Writers, co-authored ’Web Marketing Explained’, 40 eBook Authors Interviewed’, Forum Moderator at Womans-net, Mentor of Ladies’ Club, the Owner of quality online e-Publishing House, an excellent Affiliate Programme and Web Lions Community and Library.

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As for hobbies, the biggest is, of course, online business but mainly during the winter season. During the other three seasons, her main interest is her garden, a large English garden-park around her house ’Montrose’ that will have its 110 birthday very soon, so as a birthday present it’s currently getting a large reconstruction.

As a Member of The World Wide Web Chamber of Commerce, Associate of the Certified Internet Business Consultants, Member of Internet Trade Bureau, Member of Internet Society, Winner of 2000-2001, 2002-2003 Awards by International Association of Webmasters and Designers, Irena Whitfield is dedicated to Responsible, Ethical and Profesional Internet Business.

Because of her Status as a reputable Online Business Professional, she was granted a FREE Honorary Membership in IAWMD.

The International Association of Webmasters and Designers is committed to improving not only the Internet that hosts our businesses and entertainment, but also world that hosts our Internet.

Answer: By Irena Whitfield

Since my experience shows clearly that I am not able to do anything just because of money, and to start something I would like to do but know nothing about would be an unacceptable waste of time, I would start with something I know well, and it is Business Consultancy. In fact, I did exactly what I’m going to tell you here, so I know it works pretty well and fast.

Since there is not enough space for details, it will be a very brief guide. In case you are interested in getting all the details incl software and books, please go to:

Day 1: First of all, I would secure my computer, get the software I need, organize my work and prepare a plan to follow incl the amounts and dates I need to fulfil. As soon as I have this, my work will be smooth and fast. More about security and the right software:

Other software in brief:

email: Eudora, IncrediMail
list manager, other useful scripts
graphic: creating images, banners, ecovers, logos, text wizards
editors, pdf creator, ebook creator
Smart FTP, file organizers, link checker, submitters

Day 2-9: Early in the morning, I will go to my nearest supermarket, browse various newspapers and read ads by small offline companies advertising their online site instead of their real-world services and products.

Why I do this is clear: the site cost them too much money and doesn’t bring traffic nor sales, in other words: by advertising their site these people want to get visitors to their site to get sales of their offline products which is odd. It means there is something wrong with their site and their marketing. And it is exactly my job.

I pick up some 5 Ads (with interesting topics to me), check the rates they pay for the ads, remember their URLs and go home to check the sites, make calculations, ie how much the advertising costs them, savings when they get targeted and automatic traffic, evaluate the site, prepare an optimization report, incl my price and call the owner. It’s important to call the owner who decides about their advertising and hires professionals. I pretend to be interested in their services, want to become a customer and make an appointment. During the appointment I mention their site and my offer to optimize it and show them my business proposal, stressing the savings for the owner and a better marketing plan.

Note: When I actually did this for the first time, I picked up 5 ads (namely balloon flights, house architects, realtors, language school, a woman’s magazine). When I came home, I checked the sites and first talked to the magazine and actually they liked my idea so much that they wanted to hire me as their fulltime editor and webmaster which was unacceptable for me.

Then, the realtors: the work was huge on their site and they wanted me to do databases and translations into three languages on top of the optimization, their photo databases and virtual tours, which I didn’t want to do and what more: they wanted the original designer to pay for the optimization work and these didn’t want to. So, we didn’t find any agreement.

But the other three worked perfectly, the amounts of work were great, I managed all of the three within one week and the payment was great. All of them paid me 50% upfront and 50 % after I finished the work. At the Language School I contracted online students consultations for another 6 months on top of the site, paying me another income every month (and if I had the time I could continue there for ever). I received a balloon flight as a present from the Balloon company, which was an excellent passtime and even my dog loved it.

So, to sum up: Balloon Flights paid me $1,300 plus $500 in flight tickets, Language School $2,200 (only for the site) plus $500 every month for the e-consultations, which took me several hours only, architects paid me $1,700 for the site optimization and gave me 50% price reduction for the job they did in my house. Not bad, isn’t it :).)

Let’s say I will spend the next week or so doing the above, namely Days 2-9. On Day 3, when I get the upfront money, I will buy some shares and currencies to make the money work for me a bit before I need it. I received $2,600, so I will invest $1,000. On the Day 9 when I get the balance, I will close my positions (I can cash between 50-100 % profit depending on the respective item, not risking) and pay the most urgent bills.

Note: You can make big money the above way easily because there are many companies making the above mistake but it needs more work and it’s more time-demanding than online business which is very lazy once established.)

Day 10: Now I have some money to actually start my online business which is what I want. So, first, I seriously brainstorm, what I want to do, decide on the theme of my site, size, purpose, structure, services, products, backend products, check demand and offer and find the space for me in the market.

I will buy a domain name and get a hosting. $8.95/y $99/y

Day 11: I will join every valuable free course, subscribe to as many Ezines as I can manage to actually read and see what the others are doing and how, get free books, resources and I will study every day at least 2-3 hours (for the rest of my life).

Day 12-14: I will pick up about 5 affiliate programmes, create an Affiliate ClickBank account, join the affiliate programmes and start to set up my site, namely a separate customer- and search-engine-friendly page for every affiliate product, incl promos like signature files, ads, set up page, link and ad rotators. These must complement my future products and services, not compete!

I will be very busy because I have to compile a list of some 200 keywords for which I want my site to rank high on search engines and which will make my site theme. Once I have this, I will set up the pages. I plan to start with a site of about 10-12 pages because I want a substantial content and customer attractive site in the future.

Day 15-17: I complete the pages with my own pages of resources, tips, privacy policy, contact us, about us, articles, start to publish my Ezine (1-2x a month at most), create a freebie to give away and start to submit the individual pages, on a daily basis at:

I will make a couple of my subscription page templates and place them in every big free space provider:

set up my author profiles and start to write articles at eg:

I will get free autoresponders and set up the followup information:

Day 18-24: As soon as I finish this site and it’s out, I will start to promote it and create additional pages and from now on, I will concentrate on creating my first unique product, namely my book - the topic: closest to my heart, something I know the best, love to talk about and my prospects need the most! I will have to do an extensive market research. This will take me some 7 days.

Day 25-26: I will set up my sales pages - 5-6 of different lengths, order links - a ClickBank merchant account (accepting credit cards and cheques) and my Affiliate programme, creating ads of various lengths, banners, images, ebook covers, start JVs, swapping Ads, prepare and publish PRs etc. a one-time fee $49.95

Day 27: Now, I prepare a detailed marketing plan, using the below 100 Weapons of Marketing

I start to heavily and systematically promote my site, submit my ebook & ezine into directories, watch the ranking, optimizing, testing, updating, marketing, writing and submitting articles into directories and ezines, publish my Ezine and collect money.

Day 28-30: Adding new pages, affi products, freebies, new resources, more services, selling advertising, JVs, co-author books, give and receive testimonials, Ad Swaps, joining big banner exchanges, start page exchanges, Ad Coops to get more subscribers eg:

Also, I will set up free pay-per-click accounts like

Days 31-.... Until my site generates sufficient automatic & targeted traffic, I will follow my manual marketing plan.

After the traffic continues to increase on itself bringing the right prospects and acceptable amounts of money, I will continue to update my site, publish my Ezine, join and create JVs and new products and above all collect MONEY :).

Start by reading this excellent book ’Money, Money, Money, Money, Money’ by John Milton Fogg

Secret: If you want to really succeed, become genuinely wealthy and establish a long-term successful and profitable business, the only way to go is to provide a reliable, honest, customer-oriented products and services. You can make money selling hype but it’s pretty short-sighted.

Wishing you all the best.

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