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Answer: By Joe Vitale

Day 1: First, I’d read "The E-Code: 47 Surprising Ways To Make Money Almost Instantly Online."Then, I would take a lot of deepbreaths...and relax.

Remind yourself that great business people often failed, went bankrupt, felt hopeless, and then somehow turned it around to make a killing, a new name, and great wealth.

You can do it, too...After that, I would set an intention. That means, I would declare what I want to achieve at the end of this 30 days.
Call it a goal if you like, but "intention" is a much more powerful word to me.

Since your words have power and will direct your energies, I would do this right after those deep breaths...

Next, I would jump online and start searching for problems. That means I would ask myself what I am interested in, and then find the groups or ezines devoted to those topics.

So if I’m into (say) horses, I would locate all the groups and e-newsletters devoted to horses. I would ask myself, "What is their biggest problem?"

I would spend today doing research, looking for problems to solve for a specific group.

Day 2: I would confirm the research I found yesterday. If it turns up that a particular group of people have a problem, I’ll see if I can solve it based on my own experience.

If not, I’ll see if I can find others who can solve it and interview them for their answers. If you can’t tell by now, what I’m working to do is create an e-book or e-product of some sort I can sell to these groups and these ezines.

I can write it if I have the materials, or I can search online to find and compile the materials, or I can interview experts and gather what I need that way.

Day 3: I would continue the research, focus on the topic, and get crackin to get it done. I would send out emails to the experts, I would do research, I would work on the book.

Day 4: If creditors are calling, I would contact each and assure them they will have their money in 30 days...

Meanwhile, I would listen to relaxing music...Remind myself of my intention...and keep writing. I can write a book in 7 days and so can you. Just see http://www.7dayebook.com/

Day 5: If I get panicky about money, I can spend a day listing things on Ebay. That could bring me some cash in 7 days or less...

Otherwise, the goal is to complete the e-book. If it starts to look like I can create more than one ebook, I will consider making a smaller one as the lead-in and creating a larger one for an up-sale. I’d focus on making products.

Day 6: I’d set up a new account with Clickbank. It takes fifty bucks. If I can put it on a credit card, I will. If not, I’d find something to sell. If not, I’d find someone’s grass to cut. I’d find a way to get $50, even if I have to go on the street and perform magic for donations.

Day 7: I’d finish the main book and create a few special reports to act as my bonuses. If I don’t feel I can write new material, I’d simply go online and search for free stuff I can offer as my bonuses. People will welcome the freebies since I did the research to find them.

Day 8: Time to write the greatest sales letter of my life. I have to pull out all stops to make it irresistible for someone to buy my new book.

Day 9: I’d read my own book, "Spiritual Marketing," for free online at http://www.mrfire.com/spirit for inspiration.

Day 10: I’d send emails to everyone who has a list pertaining to the subject of my ebook. I want to alert them that the book is coming, they can be an affiliate for it, and let them see the book. I’d probably ask for endorsements from them at this point, too.

Day 11: I’d make a website using a free service.

Day 12: I’d start letting those ezines and egroups know about the book. I’d look for affiliates.

Day 13: Time to think out of the box. I’d think of a way to get media attention for my online product. I’d use the formula in my "Hypnotic Marketing" book and find a way to send out a news release.

I can manually do it by faxing my release to newspapers. I could also call them. If I could afford a quarter, I would go to http://www.imediafax.com/ and send out the releases to as many contacts as I thought possible. The idea would be to get the media to drive traffic to my website.

Day 14: I’d create an autoresponder series based on the topic of my new ebook. It might be excerpts from the book itself. I’d use a free service, such as http://www.getresponse.com/

Day 15: I would let the groups and ezines know about the free autoresponder.

Day 16: I would review what I created and see how I can build from it. I’d look for another product, an up-sell, anything that could be a spin-off on what I already created.

Day 17: I’d write the new ebook or upsale package.

Day 18: I’d put it together and offer it to the list of people who bought my first book.

Day 19: I’d take the day off and read my new book, "The Greatest Money-Making Secret in History," and/or my new book, "The E-Code: 47 Surprising Ways To Make Money Almost Instantly Online."

Day 20: Since by now I should have a selling product, and a new list of buyers, I’d like for other products already created to offer them. I would become an affiliate for those other items. I’d then send notices to my list about the new items.

Day 21: I would create a new ebook of nothing but quotes for the market I am now serving. In other words, if I wrote an ebook about horses, I’d now go and collect quotes about horses.

I would give this one away for free. It could become a viral marketing campaign and lead to sales of my main products. The free quote book would have links in it of course for all my stuff.

Day 22: I would also collect jokes about horses (or whatever my niche market is). I would do the same thing and let this be a free book, packed with my own links, that I let others distribute for me. Of course, I would let my list know about these new items of mine.

Day 23: I would go back to the media and tell them about my odd new freebies. If I can now afford it, I would send out faxes using http://www.imediafax.com/ .

Day 24: By now I should have a list of buyers and know where the groups and ezines are for my niche. I should begin to be seen as an expert on the subject. I would write an article or two and distribute them to these buyers and groups.

Day 25: I would conduct a survey to find out what my niche wants next. I’d ask what their biggest concerns are. I’d pay attention to see how I can solve their problems. I’d then create products to sell to them to solve their very problems.

Day 27: I don’t want to forget the off-line world, so I would consider finding a local group online to speak to about horses (again, if that’s my market.)

I’d offer to be a speaker at their next meeting. There, I can plug myself as an expert and maybe get hired as a consultant. If nothing else, I can promote my ebooks to them.

Day 28: I’d go to http://www.pushbuttonpress.com/ and arrange to have one of my ebooks printed in 5 minutes (yes, 5 minutes). I’d then offer a hard copy of my ebook to my lists. The hard copy would sell for 20 times more than the ebook, and only I few will buy it, but it’s great money when they do.

Day 29: I’d look back over the month and ask myself, "What is working?" I’d then focus on doing more of what has been working. (This is VERY important.)

Day 30: I’d CELEBRATE till I blacked out.

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