Attention all Economics students at EF!

We have two weeks left.

Some of you are not taking Economics exams in January.

OK, that exempts (does not include) you.

Some of you are taking exams in January.

This blog entry DOES apply to you.

I am prepared to work extra hard to make YOU work extra hard to ensure that you have the necessary springboard for holiday revision. I am not talking about grade A - that's easily achievable if your English does not get worse. I am talking about getting 100% in your exams. For those people taking both units I am talking about 100% in BOTH exams and thus getting the entire A level in January.

We have already seen that it is possible to get 100% (and, believe me, if I could have avoided giving him 100% I would have...)

So I need from you a commitment.

Sign up here tonight and I will prepare work for you to be pushed to your maximum and thus to be able to achieve 100% on December 6th...which of course is the day after the end of term.

If you can do that then all you have to do is not lose (i.e. maintain) that level for a few weeks and reinforce it and then...make your parents proud.

So sign up here if you're willing to be pushed to your maximum, willing to work and work and work...for two weeks.

If you don't sign up, no problem. It won't affect your reports. It won't affect your overall grade.

It might affect which university your children go to though........

So sign up...if you wish...and if you have the energy.


  1. Are you ready Lex????YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!

  2. Mr.Chris...I have done the Revision Workbook as our homework.But EF's WIFI is so so slow.I can't attach the M.word file into my email to send it to you!...What should I do now???

  3. May I have a try?~. =.,=

    And DAISY also wants it~!

  4. Sorry, is this a student from EF?

    It is actually surprising..

  5. we want to have a try too
    we are winnie and mica!

  6. we want to try it
    we are winnie and mica

  7. Hi MR are you??? do you still remember me? i would like to ask a one question...Does the Bellerbys college includes to the list of accredited schools in UK???


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