Personal statement - and your blog

Should you mention your blog in your personal statement?

There is a discussion here...

If you have a blog you might use it to criticise where you study...that applies now or at university. Blogs are powerful weapons = or they can be. Do a search on your recent Sociology homework - your blogs come at the top of Google. So imagine you were attenting a school called FFS and you wrote 'FFS is the worst schoolk ever because....' - then that comment would be at the top of google . The significance is if anyone was doing a search on 'FFS' they may well find your comment.

That reason alone is a reason NOT to mention your blog UNLESS your blog is special.

What could make it special?

a. it has been quoted by mainstream media
b. it is made up SOLELY of your homework. (in which case why not create a separate serious blog just to showcase your work - it doesn't take long. Chi has such a blog, for example.)
c. It has won awards
d. Maybe you have entered a competition, won it and then posted your essay-winning entry in....your blog

Would your interviewer visit it?

No - but there might be the rare occasion that he does. So you could MENTION your showcase blog (but not the URL) and then in the interview your interviewer may look OR you could show it. Maybe take along a screen dump of one of the pages.

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