It's impossible!

Guess who wrote this:

"All of exams are coming soon, only 5 weeks left.How can I get A, it is impossible."

No matter.

It is NOT impossible to get an A. In fact it is quite easily possible providing you:

a. take every step possible to improve your English
b. carefully plan your revision
c. have plenty of question practice
d. do a bit of each subject every day to make sure you always refresh your memory
e. concentrate on definitions and also learn the steps for evaluation

Everyone can get an A!

Wouldn't that be wonderful?


  1. Yes they can

    I have students outside of EF who get 90/90

  2. it is not impossible to get an A!
    in fact, it is almost possibly not willing to get an A.

    gosh, 5 weeks left.
    it is really hard for my soul, my mind!
    coz never try the best, the result is fair and im getting done soon!


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