Economics/Business Studies

It is improtant to keep up to date with your blogs, podcasts and videos. Also with business news items in your file.

As part of your education (and UCAS reference!) blog-writing not only improves your ENGLISH but allows me to check on your progress.

Sociology starts soon - but not if people are not writing blogs etc as without participation progress will be slow and boring.

So - daily blogs from ....everyone!

(Especially those from Korea, Vietnam, other planets, Russia, Taiwan, China and here and here )

Economics students: we finished the whole AS syllabus weeks ago - now prove it by getting grade A in the examinations!

Business Studies students: even if you're not taking the exam I still expect you to be grade A standard by next week so read your vocabulary lists, the articles, your textbook!

Table-tennis students: substitute textbooks for table-tennis bats - at least for 10 days

Pink/Purple students: put accommodation worries to one side and immerse yourself in textbooks!

Students with broken legs : put aside your pain and read your textbooks

Students who think Torquay is in Korea: you have 5 days for the entire Unit 2 syllabus - it can be done!

Go all out 100% work for the next 10 days!

Economics class: as usual we will be extending the class tonight. Unit 1 people go to Ian for your usual lesson; unit 2, to me. 180 minutes of solid concentration!

Always, always click the homework section for this blog!

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