And so we return.....

Freezing cold and a class with many absent. What of those who have been away?

Some have been working for their exams, others, well, others are a bit quiet.

What of Sociology?

'No time' is the weak cry (in Russian) or 'I was sick' murmured the person in pink and purple.

Exams are upon us. Revision classes have started.

Universities beckon.

But - will the Korean stay?

It's nice to see many are working hard to improve their....table tennis skills. Two of the hardest workers (wanting a grade A) have even bought new table-tennis bats....


  1. nonono, we don't need such Koreans! let him leave! hehehe

  2. May i ask you?? Why you del me from your blog list??

  3. Because the colour of your blog hurt my eyes and also you rarely updated it!


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