Monday, 8 December 2008

Soft A level subjects

" Right now, for many students, soft subjects are barring the door."

Select your courses.

email the universities.

Depending on the results, take action.

Here's an interesting course:

"As a result, you are guaranteed entry to the second year of an undergraduate degree after just one year of study instead of two, leading to savings in course fees, accommodation and living expenses."


"The Brittin College A-Level Programme is a one or two year intensive programme designed specifically to help foreign students transition to the UK educational system and maximise their A-Level scores"



"A wide range of A-level subjects are offered in the Oxford campus including Mathematics, Business Studies, Economics, Statistics, Psychology, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Accountancy and ICT."




  1. Sorry Chris,I can`t find it!(AQA case study in JAN)could you give me the whole website address.....I`m very appreciated

  2. then assessment material for current syllabus for business studies

  3. now i must enjoy my holiday first...yesterday was a bad day,i lost my i didn't have cloths to wear...they said my luggage was in hong,every things are better...i have my luggage...have a nice holiday mr.chris...

  4. thanks!!!!!But I found you had a spelling mistake"command words in economics and business"-"consider"-a consider question is asking "for"

  5. Thank you for spotting the typing error - now corrected


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