"But what revision should we be doing?"

Some students are revising and posting daily what they are doing.

Students such as Robin and Mary and Anastasia (although she cannot spell scarcity) I see Lex is posting - but not about work and Bibi posts that she is ill (when there are less than 35 days left unil her important exams and she should be revising.)

So, what SHOULD students be posting about?

At the very least they should be listening to two podcasts a day - for Business and for English.





Especially you should be listening to two of these every single day and then attempting the transcript questions.

At the very least they should be doing English tests. Also Mary and others have an IELTS book I emailed.

At the very least they should hve enrolled on the Thinking Course. Try these 7 minute courses

They should be learning about command words and looking at key definitions in the syllabus.

They should be doing Business Studies questions, comparing answers etc.

They should also be looking at and doing past papers in Economics (www.ocr.org.uk) and Business Studies (ww.aqa.org.uk).

That's what they SHOULD be doing.

Then they should be posting about what had been done, uploading video summaries, making podcasts....

That's what SHOULD be done!


  1. i know how to spell scarcity)

    I didn't get an IELTS book, could you please send it to me - nast_is_nast@yahoo.com

  2. I sent copies to Mary and Rebecca - ask them

    I have also sent out loads of other stuff to help

    You should form a network...


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