An experiment (introduction)

I have been looking at Fitness holidays. Not just for myself but whether it would be possible to run one in Oxford. After all there are plenty of outdoor facilities here, you just need staff...and accommodation...and advertisements/website.

Could it be a viable business?

Let's say there are four main components to the 'team':

a. someone to provide the accommodation and food
b. someone to provide all the training, fitness, yoga etc etc
c. someone to provide all the website and marketing
d. someone to organise it all

Well, one way to do it would be to keep the numbers very small and have those interested in providing the service, to form a company and devote their facilities etc free. Then split the profits.

Thus the website could be worth say £1000.
The accommodation - six bedrooms - currently gets £1000 a week therefore the opportunity cost would be the £1000
The fitness trainers could be hired at say £20 an hour for say 5 hours a day = £700 a week.

This is what the competition provides:


Fit Farms

They both have resident nutritionists but then they could also be hired and bracketed with the fitness trainers etc.

The likely revenue would be about £700 a week per room = £4200 a week. Take off the 'lost' revenue = £3200 a week. Take off the food etc = £2800 a week or thereabouts. If trainers were paid then maybe £1000 a week. Still leaves a healthy profit of £1800 a week notwithstanding the website costs.

But surely all these fitness facilities could be done without attending a camp?

Yes they could so this week I decided to try it.

And this has become the experiment.

I am going to try and simulate a week at a fitness camp and try and do the same/similar exercises, eat the same, sleep the same...and see what happens.

So, I will daily blog (and update during the day) ...

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