Day One

Having got into bad habits I didn't go to bed until 2 am. The alarm was set for 6 am so after four hours of sleep I woke up prepared to go off to the gym.

Weigh in: 222lbs.

First, the preparation i.e. 1 bowl of porridge and 1 coffee.

I arrived at David Lloyd's at 6.45 for the spinning class. (Fast cycling) I haven't been doing any fitness training for some time. David Lloyds (Oxford) is a huge gym so there is plenty of variety there.

"Our large gym boasts some of the most sopisticated cardiovascular and resistance equipment available. We also have stretching areas and aerobic studios for all your fitness needs."

Rather than repeat classes I hope to do a variety and thus I will continue to burn calories without overdoing exrcise on any particular part of the body. Later today, for example, I will be doing Bodybalance, yoga and table-tennis.

This was exhausting! After 45 minutes we stopped and I then went to the abs class. After that I went for a hot shower (but the showers were cold) and consumed one Goodnessshake. Goodnessshake is a drink that has most of the day's vitamins in plus calcium etc etc and is best consumed within 20 minutes of the workout. You can read about it here.

I am now drinking herbal tea and looking forward to my 3 hour 'brisk walk' starting at 1pm.

I will update this during the legs are beginning to feel very first student arrives in 10 minutes...


Well that was all a bit of a disaster. i had to take my car for MOT - and that took most of the afternoon.

In the evening I went to David Lloyds for my three hours of exercise.

Except...the yoga teacher never turned up, the Body Balance group was full and there was no table tennis as the leg of the table was broken...awaiting repair! Still, for £700 + a year can one really complain?

I was offered a free drink though, as compensation.

Instead I just did my own work-out, mainly cardio and leg weights etc. Still got very tired.

That's it - one cup of Valerian tea and a chicken sandwich later, time for bed!

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