More homework for Economics students...

So, here I am, thinking about the homework outstanding...

I am wondering why there are no book reviews from Bibi.
Why Mary has written nothing about Human Resources.
When will Long post?
Why has Lex ignored all homework?
Why Dima has not written the marking guidelines?
Why Talgat has not been posting about the book.
Why Emin doesn't do blogs.
Why Anastasia did not do a proper mock exam.
Why Robin isn't making more posts.
Why James has hardly made any posts.

And I think, 'Time to give them some more homework'...

So comment on the article with this in:

"..The most frequently used indicator of property market overheating is the house price to income ratio. In the 1970s and 1980s loans averaged around three to four times earnings, causing the pessimists to argue that the recent levels of six or seven times are unsustainable. What the pessimists ignore is the increased use of equity in the housing market. Mortgage lending in the 1960s and 1970s facilitated a huge transfer of property ownership from landlords to owner-occupiers. Those home-buying pioneers have been paying off their mortgages and house-price inflation has increased their purchasing power in competition with new entrants. So it has always been inevitable that, in the face of finite land and property supply, the relationship between incomes and value (the basis of having a mortgage) would become disconnected as owners became less mortgage-reliant."

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