Keeping people on track

As Rebecca has done the homework and others haven't, rebecca has set this extra homework as follows:

David: set more exam marking schemes. This time David will create an AS Business Studies paper and an exam marking scheme. These will be like the ones shown here He will do a full AS paper and scheme by Friday next week.

Talgat: Listen to 4 podcasts over the weekend and post summaries in his blog as well as the daily blogs. Failure to do this will lead to triple work being set next Friday.

Bibi: Marking scheme for Economics AS Unit 1. This means set the questions and provide the answers. The aim (for this violent woman) is to make sure she gets a grade A in the January examinations. She will also put in her blog the philosophical proof of God. (This will require investigation)

Nara: In addition to printing the two articles every day she will be able to answer ANY glossary term by next Friday.

Lex: As Lex does Economics and Business Studies he will therefore prepare AS Unit 1 in Economics and Business Studies by M-O-N-D-A-Y. These will then be given to the others as amock. Lex knows that his mock will be different to the others and he also knows that every mock is unique - as Lex is too. Lex will do the same as Robin as well.

KEN: As he admits he knows nothing therefore he must learn everything. This means that he learns all the glossary and also will prepare on a sheet of paper ALL the Business Studies diagrams and ALL the Economics diagrams he has learned so far.

Robin (the person who drinks bears): he will (this is easy) post in his blog every day a video from youtube that is linked to Business Studies. (easy!)

Sairan: To support his lecture on Friday Sairan will further develop his website (he has one word on the site) and this will show examples of what he will be discussing. This enables him - in his lesson - to show real life examples. He will also prepare powerpoint slides.

The above were all decided by the students themselves which makes it far more likely that all the above will be carried out.

However....Emin is ill so it is good we encourage him to get better. This can be done by setting him more work so it is:

a. learn glossary
b. daily articles
c. listen to podcasts which he can do in bed

That will do....

BUT setting homework would not be complete unless we also set homework for Mary and Long (who just watches Korean 'films') so in addition:


Also as James has been slacking recently he must:

Learn all vocabulary etc.

Aidana used to have a friend called Bibi and Bibi said:

a. another Economics mock with answers
b. a Business Studies mock with answers

To teach Mary to be more responsible Talgat has suggested she just should be more responsible. That's that!

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