Another ex-student made it into modelling....

Another ex-student, Lawrence Dallaglio, has also had 'model' pictures taken. But then he has more time now as he is no longer CAPTAIN of the England National Rugby team...check the link and see where he achieved his A levels...

Lex asked about being an international model...judge for yourselves...

Beavis And Butt-Head Rule - A funny movie is a click away


  1. no no no...I didn't ask about being an international model.......It was a question...Kekekeke....U had STAR students....U are really proud of them....Kekekeke....^_^

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  3. I am proud of anyone who achieves or even exceeds their potential

  4. DAVID BECKHAM is BACK11/04/2008 10:37 pm

    Oxford School of Learning and Kingston University

    Mr.Chris! u taught this man???


  5. 2 A levels, 20 weeks, went to Uni, Captained England....


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