Reports to be written this week

We have to write reports this week. There are many factors I will consider before i give the grades.

Here are some questions I will be asking:

Has the student:

a. regularly been doing homework
b. shown signs of improvement in English
c. behaved well in class or proved to be a disruptive influence
d. learnt Podcasting
e. started/finished the booklets
f. entered the Business Competition
g. done any mocks
h. performance in the mocks
i. learnt the Business Studies glossary
j. writen blogs every day
k. regularly evaluated businesses
l. mind mapped topics for their blog - on a regular and consistent basis

So just bear the above in mind before you get angry over the grades received.

Expertise in the following doesn't count!



  1. is it possible for me to get a grade A in business and economics this months if I:

    1) will do the mind maps
    2) show you the web-site
    3) run revision course for economics
    4) learn the Business Studies glossary (almost done!)


  2. maybe they play better than me ,

  3. an A is unlikely as you are new to examinations BUT it is certainly possible.


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