Friday is the last Economics and Business Studies lesson for 10 days minimum!

So this is what I'd like people to do:

Business Studies students

You have a copy of the syllabus already, it's in the front of the book. Download another copy and read the book/manual up until the end of module 1.

IF (and it is a big 'IF') the manual has been written by James and Robin (Talgat) etc then you could start working through that. (Please get it to me by Thursday!)

Make 100% certain you know all the business words for this unit - check the tutor2u glossary. Check the list of words I have given out. Check the words in the syllabus.

Create a Podcast!

Economics students

You are being too careless in your mocks. Silly mistakes. Mistakes that might make people think we're going too fast when in fact 'officially' we are behind the other group.

Practise all your diagrams.

Read notes to cover the ENTIRE AS syllabus - and if you have the A2 book, then read that too!

T-H-I-N-K about what you are doing, what you have achieved.

Especial homework for Mary and Aidana and Anastasia.

Relax. Apart from Mary's revision course, just do some general reading. Listen to the 'millionaire' CDs.

Also listen to this guy (on the left) - the stories are good.

And you MUST look after this person. My aim is to get 100% grade A*. For everyone. So look after him. Feed him with nutritious food. Feed him with vitamins. Stop him from smoking. Show him how to efficiently order beer. Help him with diagrams. Translate text into Russian if necessary. Smile at him. Motivate him. Make sure he returns a new person! (Not too new...)

Finally, Ethan and Lotfi

Somehow improve Ethan's English. Take away his money, kidnap him, threaten to deport him - but SOMEHOW make his English improve.

Now, Lotfi.

Please help him:

a. list all the blog sites on his blog
b. learn how to do podcasts
c. learn how to do mind maps
d. appreciate the importance of reading ahead
e. acknowledge there are posters everywhere showing market failure
f. practice past papers
g. throw himself into Business Studies/Economics

Please, please stop people smoking!


  1. I will work on Ethan's english.

  2. Somehow improve Ethan's English. Take away his money, kidnap him, threaten to deport him - but SOMEHOW make his English improve.
    if you also dont have idea,that is in trouble.i am really like business,it's very interesting and i think my english is better than before,although still not enough

  3. Mr.Chris, why did you not give me the millionaire cd!

  4. MR.Chris do u think should I take exam on January?

  5. No, Can I just take both of the units. Cuz I am not going back to Korea, so I have lots of time to prepare,kkkkkkk

    I think it will be easy if I know what to study

  6. Can u help me how can i do prodcast? If somebody knows let me know

  7. Someone help Rinat!


    Make Ethan sit in a chair and then impiron him with masking tape. Give him food and water and a 20 minute sleep every 2 hours.

    Put headphones on him and play him all the millionaire CDs.


    Because you were not the first person. Also your work output is very low - you just keep posting you're going to do somthing without actually doing it.

  8. he will attend all the revision course lectures next week - both Business Studies and Economics, I've told him to do that.
    oh, millionare CD is a good idea for him!

  9. I hope you have seen the important new resource!


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