Making sure you read posts

It seems people are not reading posts at all, or are not reading them properly.

I don't need to see comments from people asking me what a podcast is - click the link!!!

I don't want to see lists of nonsense about work to be done for Economics when people who have posted that clearly have not read the instructions.

(I also don't want to see swearing and rudeness in Russian...)

Also make sure you understand LIBOR and why it is important

I see only Lotfi and Anastasia are coming to LSE - OK then, so be it.

Also, sort the dates and times out in your blogs - and don't suggest I am writing about haircuts!

Business competition closes soon.....

I never wrote:

"What do you need to do with your chapters:
1. Read it carefully, write a detailed review."


"Each of you must read the introduction and two reviews sections in this book."

Some people are not following instructions.

Do as I say and in about 2 weeks time you'll be very very proud; in 20 weeks time you'll be even more proud; in 43 weeks time you might be quite rich!

It's all so simple - and yet the possibilities are endless. This will have an impact on:

Your university application
Your examinations
Your family
Your long-term career aspirations
Your personal wealth
Your confidence
Your friends elsewhere

If at least one of you (preferably all) are good at ICT then the future is really great!

Just read the blog,
you'll be fine...

In fact the more I think about it you'll be a lot more than fine - you'll be very well indeed. You'll be able to look forward to a life of luxury - having graduated from University with a 1:1 degree, rich and famous beyond your wildest dreams...

In the later stages there will be a new person joining you...from outside the college...but more of that later.

Further developments

Make sure you keep referring back to this

Things are moving along faster than expected - there will be some events happening very soon....

You will be startled, surprised, happy, delirious, very very excited...


  1. why only Anastasia and Lotfi?
    oh well.

  2. Because they are the only ones who have signed far. Clearly you are not interested - a pity.

  3. one more question about our 'book'.
    should we include just basic ponts or give the whole expanation?

    just to make sure i do everything right.

  4. whole explanation of your on words. Whatever YOu would want, as a student.


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