An important new resource for Business Studies students

So, there I was, running the usual dynamic Business Studies class. Struggling to ensure that people understood the questions in front of them. Ethan had his back to the class, he was looking out of the window. 'I come here because it is warm. No class for me today. English.'

Then someone said they wanted more comprehension questions. More questions for practise.

Of course there are numerous things that Business Studies students are supposed to have done - such as a DAILY BLOG. But some do not bother.

Some do, of course.

It was then that I came across this important new resource.

Many exam-style questions.

Regular updates.

Clear instructions in the very first post.

Also, very importantly, it will enable those who DO post answers to (later) compare their answers with the 'model' ones given - though these will not be available ALL the time.

It also means there is YET MORE HOMEWORK for all SERIOUS Business Students. (By 'serious' I don't mean the 'copy-and-paste' group who, drunkenly, write reviews that are in fact just copied from elsewhere.)

So, 20 questions are available - and that is just the start.

Grade A for everyone?

The blog is called Robin, Rinat and Red Bull.

Robin because he wants lots of questions to practise on.

Rinat because he NEEDS lots of questions to practise on.

Red Bull because you may need this to give you energy to practice all the questions. (It is also called red Bull to make the 3 'r's and also because Red Bull is Mary - who asks a lot of questions)



  1. why red bull is also in the name of this blog?

  2. good resource!
    .....but I think it is difficult for me!I will try!


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