The Business Plan

Following on from discussions today....

Some links:

1. OCR Powerpoint
2. Diagrams
3. Vocabulary


1. Languages
2. Examiner input
3. Mind-maps
4. Student-oriented

Distribution and Promotion

1. Through website (Paypal)
2. Mailshots
3. Personal contacts
4. Affiliates (blogs, students)
5. Youtube broadcasts

The website

1. Constantly updated by 5-6 'trainees'
2. Numerous podcasts supporting/showcasing the product as is done with a different product elsewhere
3. Videos
4. Constantly changing content
5. Various languages
6. Pictures of revision conferences

The initial products

1. OCR Unit 1 (Economics)
2. OCR Unit 2 (Economics)
3. Busines Maths
4. Business vocabulary

Future products (i.e. without much extra work)

1. OCR Powerpoints
2. AQA Business Studies powerpoints
3. IB market (huge)

Legal structure

Private company - 10 shareholders

Minimum gain

Fantastic reference

Maximum gain

Spend a few pounds and see the balance sheets for yourselves

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