Is Apple Rotting?

Apple is facing legal action after owners of its products claim that their devices have been overheating and shutting down unexpectedly. Skip related content

Three iPad owners in California are currently suing the electronics giant as they say the brand new computer tablets are “virtually unusable” in direct sunlight because they can cut out after only a few minutes of use.

A complaint filed by customers accuses Apple of everything from “misleading and deceptive advertising” to various breaches of business and consumer protection law.

The complaint also addresses Apple’s “false” marketing claim that the iPad is “just like reading a book”. “Books do not close when a reader is enjoying them in sunlight,” it says.

At the same time, Apple has been ordered to explain to Japan's industry ministry what it plans to do about its iPod Nano overheating and catching fire. So far, there have been at least 27 incidents in Japan of the device overheating while charging.

The worst cases have seen six iPod Nanos start fires that needed to be put out by firefighters. Four people have burned themselves touching the device but Apple has failed to act, an official from Japan's Economy, Trade and Industry Ministry told reporters.

He said: "The ministry repeatedly asked Apple Japan to take market measures, such as giving warnings or recalling the products, but it has failed to do so," he said. The Ministry also ordered Apple to report overseas incidents of the Nano overheating, the official said.

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