Get rid of vuvuzelas

There is now an internet download promises to eliminate the sound from broadcasts.

Fans play the £2.45 MP3 file on their HiFi or computer while watching football and it uses 'active noise cancellation' to silence the horns.

The download generates a series of inverted sound waves that 'clash' with the waves of the vuvuzela to effectively cancel each other out.


Italy's Mauro Camoranesi (right) and Simone Pepe pretend to play the vuvuzela during a training session at Cape Town's Green Point Stadium

The download lasts 45 minutes - enough for one half of football - and can be put on repeat for the second half.

The website,, says: 'This is your chance to enjoy the FIFA World Cup 2010 WITHOUT the annoying vuvuzela noise!

'Get rid of the vuvuzela noise through active noise cancellation.'

For maximum effect, say their download should be played through a speaker placed next to the television and set to the same volume.

If done properly it should make the vuvuzelas 'so faint as to be inaudible to human ears'.

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