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Of the ten businesses identified, which is the best one to start now?

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  1. In my opinion, discount retail is the best market for entry during a period of a recession. A recession is a period of very unstable and uncertain economic times, people generally have less disposable income, meaning that they will prefer to save rather than spend their disposable income. People often lower their class of purchases and many tend to move from luxurious brands to cheaper more budget brands such as Primark, that offer a fairly good quality product at a much lower price. This makes such brands very popular with consumers, instead of having losses or debts like many other firms, most of these budget brands prosper very well during such unstable economic periods. Primark has seen exactly this, sales and profits have risen during the recession and they continue to expand both in the UK and other emerging markets. People have less disposable income so they change their needs, many will now choose a take away pizza from somewhere like Domino’s for example, instead of going out to a restaurant and spending far more. People will never want to spend large amounts on luxuries that they can live without during a recession, especially when the future isn’t still that clear, making budget brands such as Primark or Poundland the ideal solution.


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