Konrad's homework

A Farmer – let’s call him ‘Farmer Richard from Germany’ is concerned about his prize cow, Doris. He is worried – the good times may be over.

Alles hat ein Ende, nur die Wurst hat zwei.” He thinks.

He is so concerned that when his dairyman tells him that Doris is in the field, happily grazing, he says he needs to know for certain. He doesn't want just to have a 99 per cent idea that Doris is safe, he wants to be able to say that he knows Doris is okay.

Farmer Richard (from Germany) goes out to the field and standing by the gate sees in the distance, behind some trees, a white and black shape that he recognises as his favourite cow. He goes back to the dairy and tells his friend that he knows Doris is in the field.

At this point, does Farmer Richard really know it?

The dairyman says he will check too, and goes to the field. There he finds Doris, having a nap in a hollow, behind a bush, well out of sight of the gate. He also spots a large piece of black and white paper that has got caught in a tree.

Doris is in the field, as Farmer Richard thought.

But was he right to say that he knew she was?

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