Should classes start later?

In the morning classes there is a continuous problem with pupils barely staying awake. In some cases this is because they are still recovering from the all-night 'study sessions' at The bridge or some other 'library'.

But maybe a later start would benefit everyone?

Think about it.

When I ran revision classes in the evening people were wide awake and with-it. Often people would stay on later at classes. (Last week I taught someone at 11.30pm and finished at 1 am)

If we start later I miss the traffic jams.
If we finish later I miss the traffic jams.

Then there's the body clock.

Please visit Monkseaton High School.

I was in contact with them over their 8 minute lessons. I tried them in class - they work very well - in fact I will do this all next week.

Read this article about it...

Read about spaced learning...

Now watch's a clip:

Now here's the science...

Russell Foster, an Oxford professor of neuroscience, tested the memory of 200 Monkseaton pupils at 9am and 2pm using pairs of words, and discovered a 9% improvement in the afternoon. Students correctly identified 51% of word pairs in the later session, compared with 42% in the morning. Tayler McCullough, 15, one of the test subjects, said the majority of students would welcome the extra hours in bed. "I'm extremely hard to get up in the morning. One or two people like to get to school early, but most of us would be up for going in later. I'm sure it would make a big difference to our learning ability."

There's an article in the Guardian about it...

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