So you think you're good at Economics?

You blog a bit.

You're supposed to be interacting with other blogs.

But- you don't.

You're supposed to be doing daily blogs.

Sometimes you do this.

Now look at what your 'competitors' achieve....

This is what some Economics Departments achieve... - check out the links!

This is what Oxford School produce...

You should also be reading forums....

There are two things you MUST remember:

1. The best pupils at the best schools with the best teachers are a long way ahead of you. The pupils don't have the disadvantage of English being a second language. (To some extent this is compensated for by the extra time in the exam) . Taking Sociology as an example, schools have in the main, finished unit 2 and are mid-way through Unit 3. We are on Unit 1.

2. Last term people were highly motivated. They worked long hours. They worked hard - and they worked with a purpose. A lot was achieved in a short time.

Then it started to go wrong.

Homesickness kicked in.
Absences incrased - 45% at the last presentation on Thursday.

Perhaps you do not realise the significance of this. Imagine you are in a class and you want to go over 'topic X' but one absentee enters and he needs revision on 'topic Y'. Your teacher just about sorts this out and then another newcomber comes and he wants 'Topic Z'.

An argument ensues.

All lose.

So you should make sure you read blogs and comment on what others have written. The fact that you're foreign students with money means you'll get into university but when you get there, you'll be sitting in a huge hall listening to a seminar.

If you do not understand the seminar then whatever your financial background, you'll still do badly - and waste your time.

It's up to you.

Use this study week to really improve your knowledge - whatever your subject.

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  1. CHris,this is my new blog address,link to me....PLEASE:

  2. The fact that you're foreign students with money means you'll get into university.... very nice!! that all we are

  3. Foreign students pay higher fees. Thus Universities prefer you to European students. Any foreign student will be accepted by university - even if it's 'only' for a Foundation course.

    Consider this:

    A Foundation Course takes one year. The standards are well below A level. And yet students are GUARANTEED a place in University.

    Why can that be?

  4. Mr.chris. i will try my best to catch up all the work. i like you to question me often. however, please do not angry when i cant answer. this is my blog address :


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