Sunday, 22 February 2009

Problem solving

Solutions are never necessary because there are no problems, only our perception makes it seem so, and only our minds make our perceptions seem real.

If there is a problem it is our perception.

That is hard to see in a world that celebrates and rewards the finding and solving of ‘the problem’.

When you decide that you will no longer perceive the problem, you will see only the facts or a situation.

Facts are just facts and any and every situation can always be improved, unless it is in the past, then it’s just a memory, and memories are never a problem, are they?

If you can cancel from the patterns of your perceptions, the very idea of ‘problem’ then you will not only be a positive thinker and positive proactive actor, you will be a leader.


  1. the war in iraq and what is happening in palestine is it a problem or just our perception?

    the starving in some countries is it a problem or just a perception? let's not lie to our selves!

  2. starvation instead of starving


Approach to teaching

Methods there are many, principles but few, methods often change, principles never do