Sometimes what a person says and actually means are not the same thing. Look at this advertisement...

But it's a lot worse when advertisements claim something that is an outright lie....

CINCINNATI - Don't expect to see much of Smilin' Bob anytime in the near future.

You know Bob: He's the guy at the suburban pool party who loses his trunks, and when he climbs out, all the women point and stare at his (unseen) cock, while other men look vaguely fearful - or who looks supremely confident watering his lawn with a large hose, and all the neighbors whisper about how much he's changed recently ... since he started taking Enzyte, "the once-daily tablet for natural male enhancement."

Of course, the stuff doesn't work - none of these non-prescription "supplements" actually increase the length or girth of a penis beyond its normal erect state - and Steve Warshak, owner of Berkeley Premium Nutraceuticals, which manufactures Enzyte, found out yesterday just how much his fraudulent advertising of the product is going to cost him. Based on Warshak's conviction last February on 93 counts of mail fraud, bank fraud, conspiracy and money laundering, U.S. District Judge S. Arthur Spiegel sentenced him to 25 years in prison, fined him $93 million, and forfeited $459 million - that's nearly half a billion dollars - of his and his company's assets to the government. By comparison, as the Wall Street Journal's Dan Slater notes, WorldCom's Bernie Ebbers got 25 years, while Enron's Jeff Skilling got 24 years and four months. Somehow, the guy who makes phony sex drugs just doesn't seem quite that culpable.

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