Sociology Web Directories

Sociology Web Directories

  • GSOCIOLOGY This is a set of links focusing on social change and including some useful links to methods.
  • SOCIAL SCIENCE INFORMATION GATEWAY UK This is a gateway to a wealth of sociological material.
  • SOCIAL WORLD: SOCIOLOGY This has an extensive set of links to sites of interest to sociologists.
  • SOCIOLOGICAL TOUR THROUGH CYBERSPACE This is a slightly different site which offers advice on writing papers and using the sociological imagination.
  • SOCIOLOGY NETWORK This provides a access to Sociology resources in the news amongst other things.
  • SOCIOLOGY RING Mark Foster organises a large number of connected sociology sites, which can be visited in turn or randomly.
  • SOCIOSITE This is an international sociology site which allows you to access sources in a large number of subject areas associated with Sociology.
  • SOCIOWEB This offers access to new resources in Sociology, amongst other things.
  • TRANSTRAK An American site with a bias towards practising sociologists. A good site for students looking for a career in sociology.
  • WORLD LECTURE HALL - SOCIOLOGY Organised according to sociological topics, this allows you to follow your specific interests.

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