Sociology: housework

I quote:

"If I ever going to get married (I doubt a lot, hehe), my husband will have to hire someone to do the housework."

Does this mean:

a. the husband is incapable of doing housework?
b. the husband is not supposed to do housework? (metrosexual?)
c. the husband 'having' to do the hiring means the wife is dominant?


  1. My opinion is it might be 'C', but I think it's only her dreams, when she will get married she will do all housework her, it depends on character of her husband.

  2. I think also it might be 'a' because there are many men who are not able to do different domestic duties just because they are men and think that they don't need to do it. But also it means that wife is not taking into account that she can do the housework too, and so the answer also might be 'c' =))


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