Lectures at Oxford University

Attention: Bibi, Rebecca, Trouble (M), Mr Lex, Long, Diva, I. Model, Businessman, Sam, Anastasia, Lotfi and any others who seek to really use their time in Oxford....

Non-members of the University may not attend university lectures (unless they are announced as open to the general public) without payment of a fee, otherwise than by personal invitation of the lecturer concerned.

Persons who are neither reading for a qualification of this University nor otherwise exempt under special arrangements for certain categories of non-members, and who wish to attend lectures in any term, should apply to the Buildings and Events Manager, Examination Schools, who will provide information on the fee required. At least three working days' notice is required before a lecture permit can be issued, to allow liaison with the department or faculty concerned.

Senior visiting scholars from other universities who wish to attend lectures, seminars, or classes should normally approach the lecturer concerned, and not the Buildings and Events Manager.

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University of Oxford
University Offices
Wellington Square
United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 1865 270000

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