How to keep Generation Y motivated?

Business Studies homework:

"Half of the workforce is now made up of younger generations, those we like to call Generation X, Gen Y or New Millennials. What’s a Baby Boomer to do when faced with the task of training these youngsters?The first step is to understand what this new group of workers values in life.Time. It’s precious and belongs to them. Staying late at work is crazy.Technology. No, they will not put down their iPhone for a second, it is a part of who they are.Loyalty. Younger generations are more loyal to a single person than to an entire organization. If they don’t like the boss they have, they’ll change jobs to find a new one.Find out a few things from your younger employees:What do they want to gain from their jobs and bosses?How do pay and benefits affect their loyalty?What motivates them at work?How important is it to keep their job? If they’re still living with mom and dad, rent free, it may not be on the top of the list.The job market is uncertain and always changing in the eyes of these young employees. Show them that your company is a secure place to be and that they are valued. A little bit of understanding may be all it takes to keep every generation at your company happy."


Read this.....on Generation Y.

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