Homework: Sociology

This is for the following - make sure you do this before Monday evening....

Write the answers in your blog!

Always use your own words - do NOT copy and paste!

1. Explain Talcott Parsons' (1955) functionalist model of the family (This is for Mary and Elvira i.e. you BOTH do this. Do the write up IN YOUR OWN WORDS, not copy and paste!)

2. Explain Elizabeth Bott's conjugal roles (1975) (This is for Wendy and Elvira and Maria and Rebecca)

3. Explain Young and Wilmott's symmetrical family (1973) (This is for Kirill and Elvira and Wendy)

4. Explain the Feminist view of housework (Mary, Elvira and Bibi)

5. Explain Oakley's rise of the housewife role (Rebecca, Anastasia and Mary)

6. Outline Gershuny's findings on the trend towards equality (1994) (Bibi, Elvira and Rebecca and Mary)

7. Explain the commercialisation of housework as outlined by Hilary Silver (1987) and Juliet Schor (1993) (Rebecca and Elvira and Kirill and Maria)

8. Explain 'emotion work' and how this can be applied to the family. (Daisy, Elvira, Dima and Mary and Maria)

9. Explain Dunne's work on 'gender scripts' and his research on cohabiting lesbian couples. (Rebecca and Bibi and Anastasia)

10. Explain the radical feminists' interpretation of findings from Dobash and Dobash on domestic violence. (Elvira, Rebecca, Dima and Mary and Anastasia)

11. What factors seem to be important in influencing how symmetrical the relationship (man/woman) is? (Daisy, Maria, Wendy, Mary and Elvira)

12. Explain how children in simpler, non-industrial societies are generally treated differently from their modern western counterparts. Refer in your answer to the work of Ruth Benedict (1934). (Sairan, Elivira, Maria, Wendy, Daisy, Mary, Rebecca)

13. Identify SEVEN main reasons for the change in the pposition of children. Make a list of all the activities that the law prevents children from engaging in. (Mary, Daisy, Elvira and Rebecca and Wendy and Maria and Kirill)

14. Why are there inequalities among children? (Anastasia and Rebecca and Mary and Lotfi and Maria)

15. According to Neil Postman (1994) childhood has disappeared. Why? (Daisy, Dima and Anastasia and Elvira)

16. "Western notions of childhood are being globalised." Discuss. (Daisy, Elvira, Mary and Dima)

17. Are children in the UK today experiencing 'toxic childhood'? (See Sue Palmer 2006) (This to be done by Elvira and Sairan and Daisy and Lotfi and Wendy and Maria)

Presentations (this is for next WEDNESDAY IF you are in the class):

Using Official Statistics outline the problem of domestic violence. (Maria and Elvira and Lotfi and Daisy)

For the 31st January Prepare a talk on:

a. The functionalist perspective on the family. (This to be done by Elvira, Daisy, Mary and Anastasia)

b. The Marxist perspective on the family. (Bibi, Elvira, Daisy, Rebecca and Sairan)

c. Feminist perspectives on the family (Elvira, Daisy, Mary and Maria and Wendy)


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