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Is Internet Explorer a monopoly?

How do Firefox compete? And what about Google chrome?

"Is Google Chrome a IE killer (or for that matter Firefox/Opera/Safari killer)? I think that this depends on a number of factors. First off, what tangible features/benefits will it offer the end user? These have to go way beyond tabs running in separate processes and such intangibles and deliver real and compelling reasons for users to shift browsers. If Google can make Chrome a small download, make is no-fuss to install and make it so that people find it easy to use, and if Google can deliver on the promise of it being fast, reliable and secure, then we could see the other players having to scramble to knock together far better browsers than they’ve been shipping so far."

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Also - Sleipnir?

In fact how do you compete against Google?

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While you're looking at Google etc look at these knols.

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