Diptiy Timeline

Essential homework for all Business Studies and Economics students.

Read this extract from here:

Perhaps it is just me but I find my students resistant to keeping up-to-date with business news.

In a last ditch attempt to help them to be at least aware of latest developments I am asking them to set up and use their own Diptiy timeline. Weird name, wacky app.

Essentially students set up an account with Diptiy and then add one or more RSS feeds to create their own clickable in-the-news timelines. The results are shown in the graphic opposite. Click here to see a live example based on the Telegraph.

There are alternative views they can play with eg Flipbook (I-tunes like display of individual stories like CD covers) or a traditional list

My experience of getting students involved is that it is best to give them a ready-to-go list of RSS feed links to select from - dependent on their view and to opt for the BBC and one other - too many feeds confuse

In no particular order, quality broadsheet potential feeds include:

I will leave to them to find the Sun Business news feed...

Please set up the Diptiy timeline this week-end!

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