Decision day!

So, now it is here - papers one and two for OCR Economics.

Perhaps it is worth remembering what you have achieved and why.

You started Economics in mid-September. By early October you had nearly finished Unit 1. By end of October you had finished Unit 1 and also Unit 2. By mid-November both units had been thoroughly revised and you were doing two mocks a week.

How was this achieved?

This was possible because for you Economics did not stop when the class finished. You were prepared to work hours that no other class I have taught was prepared to work. All of you wrote regular blogs. All of you wrote revision textbooks - which were then sent to publishers. Most of you did revision podcasts and videos.

When half term came you were confident enough to start and run (without any supervision or input from me) revision courses.

All of you mind mapped the whole syllabus.

Most of you worked (if one can call doing something you like, 'work') 3-4 hours a night outside of class. Some of you rarely finished before 1 am. This is as well as studying for three or more other subjects.

This is as well as attending Philosophy classes and Economics classes outside of school.

As well as trips to LSE and London.

This is what you have achieved.

Plus all this has been done in English which for you is a second language.

Such is your confidence with this subject - a subject that most schools in the UK are only half way through with - that one of you regularly advertises his services as a tutor. Another one regularly helps other students.

Most of you dream of going to Oxford/Warwick/LSE.

When most candidates were in bed, at 11pm last night one of you had just finished his tutorial; at 3 am I was discussing MC, AC etc with another via ICQ.

You are a credit to your school and to your family.

I hope your efforts are rewarded with success today!

Meanwhile, when you finish....look at this BBC I-player link

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