Business Studies: Let's geta few things straight...

There are many people who visit here without actually commenting. Sometimes I get anonymous emails giving abuse. Very very occasionally I get teachers willing to commit themselves to written evidence saying that they 'agree'.

Much of the abuse is based on previous articles in newspapers. (What's the fuss - I get triple that now...) Jealousy abounds. It was thought impossible that someone could teach 100+ hours a week and still get stupendous results.

Not true.

It takes energy, enthusiasm and application. A willingness to fly against those who have a vested interests in slowing down a syllabus to sell more, reap more and, only for the cliques, release the questions in advance.

What do the emailers agree about?

That Business Studies (the whole A level - and that was before it was further watered down in 2008) is possible quite easily after four lessons.

BUT - that doesn't mean it HAS to be done in that time.

Business Studies is interesting.

It is fascinating

So is Economics

So is Sociology

Education (for pupils) is about extending your interests.

For teachers - surely - it is the same. I do not go to school to teach. I go to learn and to share that learning with pupils. I learn from pupils about Islam, I learn about 'Skins', I learn about philsophers in the East, the West, I learn about Business Practices worldwide. I learn about potential; I learn about success.

I also try and help pupils achieve potential. I try and help them explore but only - at best - as a guide. Not as a font of knowledge.

Business Studies (and Economics and Sociology) allow you to explore, to investigate, to enquire. I teach skills that encourage you to question, to argue, to debate, to investigate and then to reach conclusions. Not conclusions set in stone but conclusions you are willing to defend, able to defend but also able to change in the light of incontrovertible evidence.

I also like to foster links. I do not AIM to forge links merely if they happen, then fine. I do not have things to sell (well, at least not in this blog but if you really want to know then visit this site where I raise money for charity or this site where I raise money for me.)

I welcome comment; I welcome debate but most of all I welcome participation. If someone chooses to invite me/my pupils to discuss/debate then of course I welcome that.

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