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Look at this from someone's blog:

"Video games can influence on the human behaviour. Noawadays play male and female of different age, them interesting virtual life, because there thay can do what they want, no roles, no preasure from other peolpe And people become agressive after. For example female play Sims. The presence sexist stereotyping in games is hardly surprising. But it is influence on the state of mind, such as when you play you can do what you want but afterthis you want to try in the real life. There are many choices when people after game they went out and killed person or crushed something. At the real life for this you should pay, you can be arested.I think tha t after the playing games person can be change, because some of them can play all day, it is a drugs when yu try ones and cant life with out them. I think that should to influence to stop sell agressive games cwhich bring bad position. "

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