As I'm sure you're aware, 'Woolies' is now pretty much officially 'kaput' Alas...they are closing down - and, as part and parcel of this, they're flogging off their stock to anyone with a handful of silver.

But seriously...I'm wondering what kind of prices they'll be selling off their stuff for. I'm sure you can see the (possible) potential here...

If 'Woolies' are selling off their gear - if they need to sell quickly - then there's a good chance the stuff will be dirt-cheap. And, of course, it's all 'brand-new' stuff. So if it's cheap enough, and if the goods are decent and in high-demand, then there's a very real opportunity available in taking 'stock' of these goods, then simply reselling them on eBay.



You walk into Woolies, throw your money at the cashier, then walk out with 'said' goods!

Then simply resell them on!

Will this work? For certain goods, I can see this working.

Not all - but some.

Best bit...you can check BEFOREHAND whether an item is 'hot' on eBay or not...by simply checking 'Completed Items'. From there you can determine where the 'pwofits' are to be made by using 'Woolies' as your new source of stock!

So, OK, this might not be a long-term money-maker, but it's something that absolutely anyone can have a go at...starting well, right about now.

The 'reason' this can work is that plenty of people are pretty short-sighted when it comes to eBay. They buy from the site and automatically 'assume' that they're getting the cheapest price.

But it doesn't always work like that.

Add some 'closing-discount' prices to the mix, and you can see how this Woolies-reselling strategy can work.

And if nothing else...if you do make a trip down there...at least you might get some cheap DVDs
for Christmas presents for people you don't like very much.

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