Stress and weight loss

Exams are coming soon - about 21 days to go! Stress will start to build up...

Six natural aids for stress relief

• Up your intake of B vitamins, especially B6, B3 and B12. They help regulate the body's response to stress and maintain a healthy nervous system.

• Calcium, magnesium and zinc as well and C supplements can help calm the nervous system and so help treat insomnia.

• Valerian is well-known as a natural sleep aid and sedative. Recent trials have found it can work as well as drugs like Valium, without the side-effects. (Try and find a standardised extract.)

• Some studies also suggest that Passion Flower can lower anxiety that leads to sleeplessness. If you get your hands on a herbal remedy that combines Passion Flower and Valerian extracts, this will be more even more effective.

• Chaste Tree is a herb that is said to increase your body's natural production of melatonin. This helps you have a more restful sleep

• L-theanine, an amino acid derived from Green Tea, reduces anxiety. Some people report that it works as well as prescription medications, without being addictive or habit-forming

• Seditol is a branded product that was acts as an anti-stress and anti-anxiety formula. But it's made of two entirely natural herbal ingredients, magnolia and ziziphus. Users have reported that improved sleep, too.

Then of course there will be jet lag as you travel back from China/Russia etc etc. This will lead to sleeplessness....

How celery can relieve in insomnia .

It's strange but true: celery has been shown to have a calming effect on the central nervous system. In fact, celery seed is often used as a herbal remedy for nervousness, insomnia and anxiety.So if you're suffering sleepless nights, try this:

User a juicer to extract the celery juice. Now mix it with your favourite fruit juice to create a tasty drink. Add some manuka honey to sweeten. The honey will also help you sleep.

Sip this half an hour before you go to bed. It should help you relax and get to the land of nod before you can say "I can't believe I've just drunk a nightcap of celery!

Some early studies on animals are also linking celery to low blood pressure.

Why could this be?

Well, celery contains 'pthalides', compounds which could not only give you a good Scrabble score, but which help relax your artery muscles. With more room in the arteries, the blood can flow at a lower pressure.

The same compounds also reduce your levels of stress hormone, which also help keep your blood vessels relaxed and open.It's still early days for this research, but there's no harm in trying to add some celery to your diet.

Could coffee be an answer to your bad mood?

Years ago it was an evil as bad as nicotine, causing headaches,mood swings, bad breath, heart palpitations and stress.

The caffeine in coffee is said to lower your risk of diabetes ,Parkinson's disease , headaches and even cavities.

It stimulates your brain and - yes - can RELIEVE mood problems. Studies have shown that caffeine can improve your attention span and boost brainpower.

Some of you may come back determined to lose weight....

Research shows that folks who kept a 3 week food log lost an extra 3.5 pounds, so use one of these websites to record your diet:

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