Holiday revision

This is to all taking Business Studies and Economics in January.

Here's a simple way to stay motivated.

Post in your blog what revision you have done. Make a post at the end of each day - even if you have not done anything.

Don't post in detail WHAT you have done merely the topic - and any difficulties in understanding you have faced (and overcome).

This way you'll all motivate each other - and (in this global classroom) you'll see what work others are doing.

Split your entries into:

Economics Unit 1
Economics Unit 2
Business Studies

Thus your entry at the end of today could be:

Sunday 7 December

Revised PPC and elasticity. Looked at 2005 Unit 1 exam paper (

Then on Monday you might write:

Monday 8 December

Revised break-even. Made up some questions similar to the ones on (you'd link to the paper)

Tuesday 9 December

Did nothing except ate chocolate and drank Red Bull all day.

I am sure you get the idea.

This way the network will keep you all motivated - and your grandchildren will be proud.

Remember: Аво́сь да как-нибу́дь до добра́ не доведу́т.


  1. hehe!
    I arrived at beijing!


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