End of term dinner - Wednesday

The UNOFFICIAL end of term dinner for Business Studies and Economics (only the select 8) students will take place on Wednesday AFTER the 'Do Nothing' course.

If you want to come along then make sure you sleep loads on Tuesday night.

The Do Nothing course, which Bibi and Aidana and George and others should attend is as follows:

WEDNESDAY 3 December from 7:30 to 9:00pm
At Oxford Town Hall St Aldates

Dont just do something! Sit There!

The simple act of doing nothing at all is one of the most potent tools yet discovered to counter the pressures of modern living.

A conversation about merriment, and the mind. Tom Hodgkinson is editor of the Idler magazine, and author of the best-selling How To Be Idle and How To Be Free. He has recently taken up the ukulele and lives in Devon with his family. Neville Hodgkinson is a meditator, which according to Tom (his son) is an artful way of doing nothing.


Put your name below if you're interested in coming to a) the course and b) (after the course) the dinner.


  1. I m coming to the dinner :D

  2. A course and a dinner???

    Only 8 selected stuedents can go?

  3. Rebecca

    You have failed to understand.

    I teach many Economics students but only 8 for all their lessons. So the only Economics students this is open to are the 8 I teach all the time

  4. never mind...my class just has 3 students...hehehe

  5. Of course....for FREE dinner...I hope it will be better than EF's cafeteria.


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