Economics podcasts for Long and other people!

For those interested in hearing about Economics, some sites have collected podcasts from renowned economists. The links are given below.

1) Productive Strategies- List of Academic Lecture Podcasts
2) Radio Economics
3) Learn out Economics Free Audio & Video
4) Stanford - SIEPR
5) On Inequality- Victor Fuchs

These pages have some important links to podcasts featuring Jeffrey Sachs, Jadgish Bhagwati, Thomas L Friedman, Friedrich A. Hayek, Lee C. Bollinger, etc.
To know more about the wonderful subject of economics, view these links.
Post your comments on these link and how they helped you.

Then there's the famous EconTalk site:

Frequently Asked Questions

Then there's the LSE podcasts!
These would be great for your English!

The Economic Problem [2MB]
Opportunity Cost [2MB]
Public and Private Sectors: Part 1 [3MB]
Public and Private Sectors: Part 2 [2.5MB]
Economic Systems - Introduction [1.2MB]
Economic Systems - Command, or Planned, Economy [2.8MB]
Economic Systems - Market Economy [3.3MB]
Economic Systems - Mixed Economy [483KB]
Location of Industry 1 [1.2MB]
Location of Industry 2 [1.2MB]
Location of Industry 3 [1.2MB]


Also play these games!

Economic indicators

Fling the teacher!

Economies of scale

30 second test - ideal for you all!

Also look at these two entries here

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