There have been some blog posts recently (Anastasia, Aidana, Mary) about Universities and their entrance requirements. We will be using tutorial group time for UCAS but also you should.....

look at University guides that allow you to compare universities:


Two other very useful websites are :-

- www.ukcoursefinder.com To register for the questionnaire is a simple task, and the website has other useful links.

- also : www.Prospectusuk.com This is recommended by UCAS and enables students to request a prospectus from 10 universities. On entering the site students must go to the top of the page to register The system is very, very new and some universities are not yet logged into it, but it is still possible to register interest anyway and it will get to them.

Next Thursday we will all travel up to London for the day. We will visit a Higher Education Fair where lots of universities will be represented. We also hope to arrange a visit to one of London's universities during the day We will hire a bus to travel. (No charge to students.)

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