Trip to LSE - update

I wrote:

2. Write a 300 word blog about the work of Mohamed A. El-Erian. You will find resources about him on the internet. If there is ANY copy and Paste then you don't go. This has to be done by Tuesday lunch-time

Lotfi - not completed task 2
Elvira - completed task 2
Rebecca - not completed task 2
Sairan - still a bit to go on task 2
Kirilll - not completed task 2
Mary - completed task 2
Aidana - still a bit to go on task 2
Bibi - some way to go on task 2
David - not completed task 2
Anastasia - still a bit to go on tsk 2

So, on current performance just 2 of you with maybe 4 more. You have until mid-day Tuesday and then task 2 closes.

3. The third task will be given to you this week.

Anyone who does not comply with these tasks in the timespan given will not be allowed to go - and if that means no-one goes then so be it

The third task will be given tomorrow.

Most people have not completed task 2 so the group will be very small. I have to give in final names on Thursday.

Once I give those in there can be no changes.


  1. Elvira has completed!!

  2. I comleted too....Sairan

  3. what should I do with this task? add something else to this blog entry?


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